These Comments were taken from our online feedback center for 2006 weddings only. Customers can leave feedback once their reception is over. These are real comments and are available for you to see in our office. There are also many more like these as well. 

Hey! Mr. DJ was a lot of fun. When we met with them, we didn't have too many songs picked out on what we did/didn't want, but he had a lot of suggestions and made it painless. When it came time for the reception, everything flowed so smoothly. My husband and I both liked how he suggested to "turn it around on the guests" when they kept clincking the glasses for us to kiss. We ended up calling out other people and required them to kiss when the glasses started clincking. It got the guests involved and they loved it. We have had so many compliments from the guests at our reception on what a wonderful time they had and how much they enjoyed the MC. He helped us to make our reception unique and memorable. I will end with paraphrasing what one of my guests said. We had an afternoon wedding and only had open beer and wine. We did not want a full open bar in fear that some of our guests would drink too much and get abnoxious. One of our guests said to me, "You didn't need an open bar. I think a lot of people drink at weddings to have fun. [Guests] didn't need to drink to have fun at your reception because it was fun without alcohol. Thank you, Hey Mr. DJ for doing such an excellent job. My wedding day has been the best day of my life and you played a big part in that. -Rhonda Keim May 2006

I could not have asked for a better time. It was a great party and I got so many comments on the music.  It felt like they were part of my friends and family.  Myron and Nathan. I would definately recommend you. -Mallie Feldkamp May 2006

Terrific. You guys did a great job and would recommend you to anyone. Everything all seemed to run together for me. Introductions were really good with everyone surrounding the dance floor. Jason, I Would absolutely recommend you. If you want, send me cards and I will pass them out. - Blake K May 2006

We felt there was never a dull moment and our guests have told us this as well. Our guests have said that was the best wedding they have been to. WE all had a blast.We all loved the dance off. Our friends are still talking about it and showing us pictures. 1 Brandon was our MC. We would definitely recommend him. - Jessica Chrin June 17th 2006

I was very pleased with everything. Jason kept everyone dancing, he made sure everything was taken care of if I needed anything , and he kept thing rolling smoothly. I would recommend you to everyone. - Jodi Gilliam July 2006

 We had some changes and not that many specific dances ex: mother-son, etc. but you all pulled it off like it wasn't a big deal. We have had alot of people come up to us after the wedding and asked about you all. Noone could believe a wedding reception could be that much fun. We didn't have a big wedding so we figured there wouldn't be many people dancing and participating, but it seems like everyone was on the floor!! I danced the whole time and so did all the kids. Needless to say we all were worn out!! Loved you guys! The match game. Oh my god! When we watched that on video you could hear everyone laughing! 1 Brandon was our mc. John? was the dj  I would recommend you...I already have ;) -Bethany Harper 2006

I had so many people comment to me that they have never seen so many people, young and old dance at a wedding before. -Carrie Leary 2006

The DJ and MC did an excellent job at the reception. Everyone made a lot of positive comments about how much they loved the DJ and the music played.  Everything was fantastic! Jason got everyone involved. The DJ and MC got on the dance floor themselves. It was  a great time. Jason I would recommend you and my dad said he would use you again for another event. -Amanda Bedinghaus 2006

The reception was PERFECT!! I got 25 or 30 comments the night of and after about how great the DJ was.  At the beginning of the dancing when everyone came out to the floor. It was a great way to start the party off with all of our friends and family around us. Brandon was the MC. I would positively recommend you to anyone. Great Job! - Sarah Emnett 2006

Everyone enjoyed everything about the reception. The music selections were great, the games that we played were very unique and the dance floor was full the whole night!! My favorite memory was probably between the shoe game that we played and the YMCA!! Great ideas!! Very unique!! I have never been to a wedding reception like that before!  -Cory Kimball 2006

Brandon was awesome! and the DJ was wonderful, thank you very much -William Bohart Sept 23rd 2006

Great Value Level of service exceeded money spent  Everything was excellent - we couldn't have asked for anything better for our reception!  Jason's personality kept everything going and funny especially when AJ did the garter toss. He had everybody into it!  Jason was our MC and is absolutely excellent - we loved him and so did all of our guests! We had so many comments from our friends and family about how great of a job he did keeping things going and keeping everyone entertained. We DEFINATELY recommend him and Hey! Mr. DJ to everyone.  -The Noyes's August 11th 2006 Receptions Eastgate

You guys were excellent. You helped everything run smoothly and made it a night to never forget  I will always remember our last slow dance when everyone made a circle around us. It helps you realize how many special people you have in your lives together. -Jennifer Durstock October 2006